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About Us

Seismo International Limited is the subsidiary company of Seimso OY Group in Finland. Seismo OY Established in 1993, it is a

top leading manufacture in adverting marketing tools in Finland. Seismo OY wants to expand the business into China to

correspond with global market more quickly and effectively. Seismo OY opened up Dongguan Seismo in South China as a

professional producing, buying, sourcing, operating office in China.Combining the power of our Parent company Seismo OY and

Dongguan Seismo we have in depth knowledge in both of the European and the Chinese market structures. Thus, we can provide

beneficial supports for overcoming the intercultural difference between global and China and obstacle for business success

for global companies.


Moreover, we have professional engineering teams, who can design the individual products and provide business solutions to

meet the clients' requirements. We have a great responsibility to meet the increasing global demand for transparency within

the upholding of human rights, social welfare and high environmental standards. Our mission is to identify, qualify and

secure the best products around the world. Our suppliers will meet strict cost, delivery and quality requirements of our

clients. Our flexibility services can be tailored per customer needs to cover the entire service process and organization or

deliver solution to a specific issue.


Under our operating philosophy of Information Creating Wealth, Sharing Creating Value, we have enhanced our ultimate goal and

principle of creating value to customers, We believe that we can realize our development and mission only by helping our

customers boost productivity, cut cost, keep growing, and garner profits.